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Hair Removal for Ladies only 

  • If you haven’t tried waxing before... it’s not as painful as you may think! 
  • Winter/Spring time is an ideal time to start and I promise you’ll never want to go back to the razor ever again!


  • Appointments are available on a Tuesday 10.30am to last appointment time 6pm (Strictly by appointment only)


Body Waxing

  • Underarms £9.00
  • Eyebrows Tidy up £6.00 (not reshaping)
  • Lip £6.00
  • Chin £6.00
  • Forearm £13.00 (Wrist to elbow)

Bikini Waxing

  • Standard £10.00 (for regular clients only)

Leg Waxing

  • 3/4 Leg £19.00
  • Half Leg £15.00

Hair Growth

Hair grows in 3 stages and it can take up to 4 waxing treatments before all of the hair is on the same growth cycle. Waxing may last from one to six weeks. The more you wax the longer it may last. However, if your last hair removal was shaving, your first wax post shaving will not last as long. Please don't shave in between waxings!

Your rate of hair growth is unique to you, and can be anywhere from ten days to three weeks.

We recommend waxing every four to five weeks. In order to keep the hair coming in at a reduced rate, its best not to go past six weeks before your next wax.

Do not wax if you are diabetic, if you take Accutane, Retin or if you apply alpha hydroxy.

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